How We Got Started

Kingdom Prints was formed out of a desire to assist Jehovah's people in our preaching work by providing Public Witnessing Artwork and supplies. After serving at Bethel in Brooklyn from 1999 - 2013 this seemed a practical way to continue serving, while covering my material needs. In early 2014 many brothers lost access to affordable displays. I've heard of some paying $30 to $80 per display from local printing and office supply stores. Our goal is to provide high quality at a fair price until Jehovah makes other arrangements. If you are aware of other goods or services you would like us to provide we will do our best to assist you. Products currently available only by email, Territory Maps $6 per sq. ft. Future product, Theocratic Artwork using a 6 color method, just provide the PDF from the Branch, and the Yeartext. 

Under research, Replacement Cart Covers.  

Please fell free to tell your friends about us. We thank you in advance for letting us serve you.

Our Product:

We print on 6 mil Repositionable Polypropylene, it has an adhesive back that holds, yet can be easily peeled and reapplied multiple times.  This seemed the most practical way to quickly meet the needs of the Brothers. Essentially it can be likened to a giant sticker or wallpaper. It is very forgiving, and EASY to work with. No tools required ( NO Knives, squegee, water bottle) no glue left behind when peeled.

How to use: Most congregations will only need 1 print per cart. You do not need a second print for the back of your display unless you want one. If you decide to have a print on the other side you have your choice of any of the currently available artwork.

How to apply: Peel the plastic off the back, by starting at the corner. Position the print on your board leaving about a 1/8 inch black border at the top and sides. If unhappy with the appearance peel and try again.

Foreign Language Request Instruction: Every poster print on our site has the "languages" option at checkout. Choose "Other" if your language is not currently listed. Then email your name, contact, and order information, along with the language or languages desired. Please verify that your desired purchase exists before you order.


Jeremy Michael at Kingdom Prints LLC